Client Testimonials
Working with Strateco is high impact and produces real results...our group walks away feeling united, empowered and focused to get the job done, while having fun and being a team.


“Working with Strateco is high impact and produces real results. We always get a relevant and executable strategic plan that allows us to focus our limited time, energy and resources on the right stuff. Consistently over the years, our group walks away feeling united, empowered and focused to get the job done, while having fun and being a team.” 

~ Renee Lytle, Chief Financial Officer, EB Horsman

“In our strategy sessions with Nick at Strateco, he exhibited a tremendous facility to recognize patterns very quickly based on extensive past experience working with executive teams, and really helped us see around corners and avoid typical pitfalls as we move to navigating complexity and change in a de-risked execution phase.”  

~ John Filby, President Financial Services, Deluxe Corporation 


“Our work with Strateco enabled a safe environment that created a powerful opportunity for our executives to have an honest look at where we are today, and where we should be in the coming years to be a better company. We developed objectives, strategies and a structured budget around a plan that has allowed our company to achieve remarkable performance and alignment.” 

~ Jean Belhumeur, President and Chief Operating Officer, Leviton Canada 


 “Strateco’s approach in helping our company align multiple divisions and operation strategies as “One Company” has been a new and refreshing experience – always grounded in the power of soliciting buy-in from multiple stakeholders. 

The result has been KPI focused teams – company wide – along with an exciting transformation to a high performing culture – as we think, react and support each other as ‘One Company’ amidst the complexity of all our divisions, using the tools Strateco has worked with us to identify.” 

~ John MacDonald, VP Sales and Marketing, Ideal Supply 

 “Strateco provided us with a unique facilitated process that enabled commitment and buy-in to our vision and mission, backed by company-wide performance setting, including staff at all levels – which dramatically improved employee understanding as to how what they do links to the importance of the company purpose, vision, goals, and overall strategy. 

In a post-session survey all staff agreed that this methodology was a significant improvement over our past efforts, and a number of Executive team members identified Nick Caduc as one of the best consultants they had ever worked with.” 

~ Dan Greenwood, VP Strategy and Development, SOCAN