Develop Your Leaders
The most brilliant strategy in the world will fail every time if the leaders executing it are under-developed in key areas necessary to empower people to drive growth.


One of Strateco’s key differences, and a vital component in the Integrated Strategy Model™, is developing leaders inside the strategy they’re executing. Strategy plus leadership is the critical foundation for achieving your goals and vision over the long term.


Assess Your Leaders

In strategy off-sites, your team is assigned a two-person Strateco team: one strategist – to facilitate strategy, and one leadership coach – to assess both the individuals on the team and the overall team dynamics in the context of the strategic challenges and opportunities you face.

In this off-site, we use a real-time, live assessment model that is built into the strategic planning process and leverages extensive research done by Jim Collins in his Level 5 Leader work and Kouzes and Posner in their Exemplary Leadership Model. So when follow-on coaching is required, our coach is empowered with deep insight having observed group dynamics in the context of strategic challenges in action.


Increase Your Team’s Performance

After your strategy is developed with key initiatives and scorecards allocated, the heavy lifting begins. This is where, according to Ram Charam, 70% of all strategies don’t achieve their results. We mitigate your risk of failure by supporting your leaders through:

Executive Coaching: where one of our experienced coaches supports key team members with specific behavioral change initiatives using our proven process for results.

Team-Based Coaching: where we use powerful exercises to help your leadership team increase trust, productive conflict, commitment, and the accountability necessary to be a high performing team.

The Strateco leadership development program is devoted to helping your leader’s raise awareness, let go of unskillful ways of behaving, and develop more skillful behavior patterns. This always leads to increased levels of individual and team performance.

For more information on how to develop your leaders in becoming more skillful and connected players on your high performance team, please contact us.