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Life’s Critical Few

Good day!

I recently met with a client and friend for a regular one on one check in.  This is a young man who started and runs one of the most promising Canadian tech start-ups – significant year over year growth, and recognized internationally for its innovation and pioneering work in their field.  He’s got a beautiful family, a new child less than one year old, he’s a world class athlete, and defines the very nature of a purpose-driven leader – creating a wake of inspiration among the folks in his organization and community.
Eight months ago his reality collapsed.  Completely out of the blue he contracted a very serious medical condition that had his Doctors scrambling to stabilize his situation.  He went into the hospital for over a month and against the odds made a miraculous full recovery, and is now back again focused and working on all cylinders.  
When I asked him what he learned from the experience, he said he appreciated now more than ever the importance of being selective and really identifying those critical few relationships – both in business and personally – that meant the most to him so he could pour his energy into making them flourish and thrive. I can tell you in our business – focusing on strategy and leadership – we see both ends of this spectrum in play every day.  The vast majority of the time however, is spent by most of us letting ourselves get spread too thin – at the mercy of the tyranny of the urgent instead of the importance of the few – leading to mediocre relationships and inferior business results.   We lose site of the “real critical few priorities” – and our ultimate purpose – as husbands, wives, sons, daughters, parents, friends, and servants of our communities.

So, in the spirit of the holiday season, from all of us here at Strateco, we wish you a time filled with presence, purpose, and connection with your critical few.  And may you carry that essence forward into your communities and organizations in 2015 and beyond.
In gratitude,

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DEVELOP YOUR PEOPLE OR DIE  |  Long-time author and former McKinsey Partner, Tom Peters, feels passionate that business is only as good as its people. This 2-min interview video has his take on the risks facing talent development innovations today.  Before watching scan the article and consider – how is your organization leveraging its talent?

THE SECRET TO INNOVATION SUCCESS  |  “It’s the difference between success stories and those relegated to the footnotes of corporate history.”  This insightful article from Big Picture Innovation (BPI) explores the need, and way, for organizations to shift innovation from sidelined strategic priority to fully leveraged core competency.

HOW THE WORLD’S BEST ENTREPRENEUR FINDS A LIAR  |  In this telling video clip, hear how Tesla CEO Elon Musk determines when job interviewees are lying.  Jump right to the 1-min mark of the video to “get down to the brass tacks” and grab this 30-sec insight.

ESSENTIAL QUALITIES FROM THIS YEAR’S TOP RATED CEO  |  Simple, elegant, and right to the point.  LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner doesn’t pull punches when talking about the sort of people he most enjoys working with.  No kidding, just check out the incredible culture he’s built!  Wonder if the venn diagram appears on an application form.

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