Integrated Strategy Model
Our integrated process enables you to navigate complexity with greater ease, thrive in uncertain markets, and create competitive advantage in your marketplace.


Your Best Response to a Changing Corporate Landscape

A paradigm shift is taking place in business. The rules for succeeding – for creating strategic advantage – have fundamentally changed.

Extensive research has proven that the traditional shareholder-biased business model, where profit is pursued at the expense of people and planet, is an inferior generator of value.

On the contrary, a new stakeholder-based business model where greater profit is earned as a natural bi-product of aligning and being of service to all stakeholders – customers, employees, investors, suppliers, community, and planet – is the most efficient way to maximize growth over the long term.

Based on this research we’ve designed an innovative, integrated approach to strategy that leverages Harvard Professor Michael Porter’s latest research on Shared Value, Professor Edward Freeman’s work on Stakeholder Theory, and empirical analyses by Professor Raj Sisodia on strategic leaders such as Google, Amazon, Whole Foods, Starbucks, and BMW.


Create Your Winning Strategy

We engage your leadership team in a thorough assessment designed to:

  1. Analyze and fully understand all your internal leverage points in the context of your overall market-based strategic position
  2. Analyze the strengths and development opportunities for individual members of your leadership team, as well as the connection and functioning of your team as a whole


We then co-create a bespoke engineered process designed with your senior leadership team to clear through the collective mind-clutter, and zero in on the highest leverage strategic initiatives for your team.


Achieve High Impact Results: Close the Execution Gap

Together we transform your strategy into prioritized tactical initiatives that make up your focused annual operating plan, complete with cascading scorecards, quantifiable metrics for each member of your leadership team, and a powerful roadmap to evolve as a high performing team.

Key team members are offered an individualized coaching program inside the context of your strategy, to support them in becoming more empowered leaders.


Stay Adaptable to Change

Understanding that the only constant is change, our model builds in flexibility, allowing you to adapt strategies and operational plans to changing conditions in real-time.

As market conditions shift, and new opportunities emerge, we engage you in a rigorous checkpointing process to ensure:

  1. Strategic focus remains sound – tweaks are often needed on at least a quarterly basis;
  2. There is no diffusion of focus and all team leaders remain accountable to pre-agreed results; and
  3. You get the executive coaching support necessary for team leaders in need of further development to perform in a high functioning environment.


Your Strateco Advantage

The outcome is a brilliant strategy that’s adaptable to change, an aligned accountable team empowered to execute, and increased market share, profit and employee fulfillment.

Working through our process enables you to navigate complexity with greater ease, gain clarity in uncertain markets, and create competitive advantage in your marketplace.


For more information on how the Integrated Strategy Model can help you improve productivity, performance and results, please contact us.